Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid


  • ANTI-AGING VITAMIN C SERUM FOR FACE : Slow down photo aging and strengthen skin with Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum. It works as an effective beauty treatment and a face serum without harsh reactions. It is pure and concentrated vitamin C that plays a major role in the remedy of acne, discoloration, blackheads, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation that are common symptoms of aging.
  • HYDRATING FACE AND SKIN: As you grow older, the skin loses its vitality, leaving it dull, dry and dehydrated. The Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum contains herbal infusion and botanical blend that helps fight against wrinkles and spots. Including Vitamin C Serum in your daily regimen helps add moisture on face and skin. Topically apply the vitamin c serum on face and skin and notice the effect in 2 weeks. It instantly nourishes the skin and helps to retain its natural glow.
  • PH LEVEL 5.5 PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Zone – 365 Vitamin C Serum has a PH Level of 5.5 matching the body’s normal PH level and making it perfect for all skin types. It works perfectly even on sensitive skin. It is a completely harsh-free serum that is ideal on thin skin while extremely effective on thick skin as it balances the acidity and controls oil production on dry skin, making it soft with a youthful glow. This Vitamin C Serum perfectly works as a skin toner too!
  • HELPS WITH COLLAGEN FORMATION: Vitamin C is responsible for collagen synthesis. Boosting your skin and body with Vitamin C Serum will enhance the natural formation of collagen that is the number one component for connecting tissues for skin health. This organic Zone – 365 Vitamin C Serum is highly desirable to rejuvenate and improve overall skin health.


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Bring Back the Young and Beautiful You with Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum

Bring Back the Young and Beautiful You with Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum

When you see yourself in the mirror, do you realize that you look older than your age because of dry and dull skin? The world is fast changing and stress factors are putting weight on our shoulders. Even young adults today in their 20’s look like they are on their 30’s. Stress reflects on skin as they grow dry, dark, saggy and lifeless.

Reverse signs of aging with the power of all-natural and organic Vitamin C Serum by Zone – 365. Relive the skin from dark spots, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, skin patches and discoloration. Achieve fresh and young looking skin with a uniform skin tone and skin that looks so bright and radiant. This powerhouse skin care treatment is a true delight to every men and women of any skin type!

25% Vitamin C Serum

11% Hyaluronic Acid

2% Vitamin E

2.5% Retinol

25% Vitamin C Serum

Antioxidants play a big role in skin health and Vitamin C is very notorious with its ability to restore skin health as it moisturizes and renews skin cells. The Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum comes with 25% concentration using the mildest derivative that is gentle even on sensitive skin.

11% Hyaluronic Acid

One of the active components of most vitamin C serums is the hyaluronic acid. Surprisingly, this acid is a natural component of the skin. Our Vitamin C Serum comes with 11% of Hyaluronic Acid that helps retain water to maintain lubrication on tissues. This helps keep the skin hydrated.

2% Vitamin E

Another powerful antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient, Vitamin E helps fight free radicals, protecting the skin from damage. Our Vitamin C Serum has 2% Vitamin E to give you the advantage of lightening scars and act as a dark spot remover.

2.5% Retinol

Dramatically diminish visible fine lines and wrinkles with Retinol. Not only that, fight acne and annoying breakouts with our Vitamin C Serum with a modest 2.5% concentration of Retinol for that total anti-aging benefit you are chasing!

Skin-Friendly Ingredients and with Special Formulation

Vitamin C Serum with Special FormulationSkin-Friendly Ingredients and with Special Formulation

Our Vitamin C Serum is very potent to make sure you get the best benefits. It is formulated together with active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Retinol for a powerhouse antioxidant effect. Zone – 365 carefully studied the right formulation of our Active Vitamin C Serum, making sure that each component has the right percentage without overpowering one another, keeping a stable serum that you will certainly count on.

Skin-Friendly Ingredients

Zone – 365 is committed to giving our customers the best health and beauty products that will benefit you without harsh side effects. We made sure that our Active Vitamin C Serum is formulated with the best and natural ingredients combined together to form a superior anti-aging defense serum that is perfect for all skin types. It is specially formulated for sensitive skin.


Stimulate Collagen FormationStimulate Collagen Formation

Vitamin C and Collagen are partners and in fact, a perfect tandem in achieving the best skin health you would ever need. Collagen is responsible in keeping our skin firm and develops the skin’s resilience to wrinkles. Vitamin C on the other hand provides hydrogen and oxygen for the amino acids that are responsible in collagen formation.

Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum has 25% Vitamin C that is powerful enough to boost collagen formation on the face and skin.


Shield From Free RadicalsShield From Free Radicals

If you are still not familiar with free radicals, you definitely do not want it near your system, ever! Free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress in the body, causing weak immune system and ugly skin conditions. Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum helps fight free radicals from damaging cells, protein and DNA of the body which can result to premature aging of the body and the skin.


Fight Against UV RaysFight Against UV Rays

Zone – 365 Vitamin C Serum actively decrease the effects of harmful UV rays. Apply it together with your sunscreen and you can safely carry your task under the sun. Please note that it should be applied together with a sunscreen as the second layer, otherwise there will be a reverse effect of burning your skin due to Vitamin C serum’s potency.


PH Level 5.5PH Level 5.5

Ideally, Vitamin C Serums should have a PH level between 5 – 7. Our serum is formulated at a PH Level of 5.5 to match the normal PH level of the body. This gives a perfect offering of Vitamin C’s benefits even for those with sensitive skin. Our product leaves no skin irritations, redness and other skin discomforts.

From Our ManufacturerGenuine Vitamin C Serum

Ubiquitous Zone – 365 strives to make our products live up to your expectations. We always aim to make things easy for you by offering you tools and technology that will make your way of living better. We only offer top quality products that last longer and you can rely on in terms of performance, durability and reliability. With Ubiquitous Zone – 365, you can be sure that our products are worth your investment!

How To Use?

Our serum is recommended to use at night for best results as the body repairs during sleep.

  1. Wash the face or the area of the skin using your favorite facial wash.
  2. Pat dry the area. No need to completely dry it off.
  3. Apply 1 to 2 drops of Vitamin C Serum and massage on the skin to allow deep penetration of the serum on the skin.
  4. Leave to dry.

For UV Protection:

  1. Apply the Vitamin C Serum on face, neck and other part.
  2. Let the skin absorb the serum.
  3. Apply your sunscreen on top of the serum for protection.

Note: Do not wear Vitamin C Serum alone when going under the sun without a sunscreen. The high concentration of Vitamin C acid will cause your skin to burn.

Why Choose Zone – 365 Active Vitamin C Serum?

  • Has higher vitamin C concentration for potency.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Retinol for a powerhouse antioxidant solution.
  • Our beauty and health care products are carefully studied and tested to ensure it is safe to use.
  • We are dedicated to bring the best of what we can offer which makes us confident in our products.

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